About Us

After shearing commercially for 10 years and eventually dabbling part time in shearing small flocks we identified a need locally and then nationally for farmers to connect with shearers.

So many times we had heard “so glad you could make it! We’ve been looking for a shearer for months but didn’t know where to start.” Or “Surprised we could get you, most shearers we call won’t even return a call!” Sadly this is understandable due to a national shearer shortage and it will potentially get worse.

This is where ShearingHub.com comes in. Fast, efficient and above all else reliable, The "mission" is filling this gap and ensuring the sheep are shorn on time. Our business is set up to attract capable commercial shearers so they can maximise their time management getting through more work in a day.

If you have a shearing job you need done, submit a job request today. No booking date is required, One of our shearers will contact you to make an appointment. If you are a shearer looking for quality work in your area, sign up today.